​ One crew knifed one other and jumped overboard – why? | ELANDRA CORALLO






​  One crew knifed another and jumped overboard – why?

Combat erupted between two crew members of tanker ELANDRA CORALLO within the afternoon Nov 1 in Coral sea. Seaman stabbed his opponent, and jumped overboard afterwards. Tanker turned again and looked for him, however for a short while, as a result of stabbed seaman wanted pressing medical help. Within the afternoon Nov 2 wounded seaman was medevaced by helicopter and transferred to hospital at Kone, New Caledonia. Tanker continued her voyage from Korea to New Zealand. Man misplaced overboard wasn’t discovered in the middle of SAR coordinated by MRCC Noumea, with 4 service provider ships concerned. SAR was suspended at evening Nov 1.

Contemplating Latvia-based ISM supervisor firm, Ukraine-Russia warfare is likely to be the reason for this tragic accident, although after all it’s not confirmed. However once more, such accidents are very uncommon certainly, one thing, some quarrel or dispute, ought to set off the struggle.

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