Your Guide To The Greatest Waterfall Treks 

Your Guide To The Greatest Waterfall Treks 

Waterfall hikes combine the adventure of a trek, amazing views and the refreshing feeling of the water — it’s the perfect holiday activity for any outdoorsy person. As such an amazing display of nature, it’s incredible that there are so many options around the world, so let’s take a look at some of the best and what you need to make the most of the experience.

Where To Go

1. Escondido Falls, California Located along the coast of Malibu, Escondido Falls are one of the best trails in Southern California. With three tiers of waterfalls, you can chose to keep the trek easy and only stop at the first tier, or continue climbing for the top waterfall for four miles. Either way, the trail provides exposure to a variety of flora and fauna, and offers a beautiful view for all you waterfall lovers.

2. 100 Waterfall Hike, Laos This waterfall trek is among the thick jungle of Northern Laos, consisting of roughly six miles of both flat terrain and steep climbing. With too many waterfalls to count, you’ll find yourself seeing numerous along the way, each one flowing off the next.

3. Angel Falls, Venezuela As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Angel Falls is the highest waterfall on Earth, reaching up to over 3000 feet. Only accessible by boat during the months between June and December, this trek is not for the lighthearted, consisting of not only a boat ride but a five hour trek through the jungle. But the stunning view makes it all worth it!

4. Plitvice Waterfalls, Croatia If you want your waterfall experience to look more like paradise, then Plitvice is the place for you. With emerald green and turquoise water flowing over the limestone chalk created over thousands of years, crystal clear lakes and beautiful greenery, this experience is like no other. While it may not consist of a hard trek, waking through this natural haven is something you can’t miss.

5. Havasu Falls, Arizona Located in the Grand Canyon, Havasu is a famously photographed tourist destination. Climbing through to a remote region of the national park, you’ll find a cascading waterfall over the rich red rock, and into a crystal clear body of water. Heard from half a mile away, this waterfall trek offers the natural serenity that many adventurous people enjoy.

What To Bring

Embarking on a waterfall hike will be an experience that you won’t forget, but as many of you outdoorsy people know, it’s always important to be prepared. Ensure you have proper hiking boots as trails around waterfalls can often be slippery and require that extra grip on your shoes. Apparel such as hiking pants, socks, light layers and sun protection is also a great idea to combat burns, weather changes and insect bites. Try also investing in a good quality hydration pack as the sun can be harsh as you climb to higher altitudes, and hydration is key to enjoying the experience. As most waterfalls provide a beautiful scenery, it would also be a great idea to invest in a camera so that you can capture every moment — something waterproof or a GoPro would be ideal.

If you’re looking for something new to do these holidays that combines adventure and natural beautiful, then waterfall hikes are the answer. Take a look at some of these suggestions and enjoy a unique and spectacular experience.

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