Why Travel Books for Kids are Important

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Educators have announced over and over again that children who travel do better in school and in life than children who don’t.

Yes, we get it, but this fact doesn’t change the fact that travel can be expensive.  This blog is all about educational book promos for children.   Any of these books can be downloaded free using the Kindle Unlimited program.


When the cash flow won’t support a vacation to Europe or a Safari in Africa or sightseeing on the North American continent, a full-page colorful book will go a long way in introducing your child to the world outside of his/her immediate environment.


Look at it this way.  There are two children sitting next to each other in school.  One child has traveled many countries and experienced different cultures around the world.

The other child has never been out of the city and has limited knowledge about the world outside of the city he lives in.

Which child will be able to relate better to lessons in geography, history, social studies, people, and situations in school and personal life?

The first child has the benefit of what we call “the advantage of connecting the dots.”   He can look at a picture of the Grand Canyon in school and remember exactly what he learned when visiting the Grand Canyon.  The Grand Canyon history is easier for him to remember and the subject is more interesting.  This little small confidence booster goes a long way to helping the child progress in other subjects.  (There are more scientific reasons, but this example is easiest to explain)

Don’t worry.  To fill this educational gap you can do two things today.

  1. Purchase a child-proof tablet for your child.  If you don’t have the money, then download the free Amazon Kindle App and read Kindle books on the desktop or laptop.

  2. Load your child’s table up with travel adventure, travel picture books, culture books for children and additional books to provide your child with insight into the world beyond his own.

Each page has a full-color image and interesting facts about extraordinary places on the North American continent, Africa, and Europe.  The video below shows an example of the Travel Trivia eBooks.