Travel To A Retreat In Paradise!


Travel To A Retreat In Paradise

As soon as you arrive at the Yoga Evolution Retreats Centre be prepared for the most crystal clear starry skies as you look up and find Venus, Mars or Jupiter smiling down on you.

Set below the hilltop village of Amieira with a backdrop of the Portuguese mountain ranges is a paradise just waiting to be explored by you. This is indeed a very special and soul nourishing space and you can feel the intention of the owners Sue & Peter as soon as you arrive, RELAX.

Ashtaga Yoga & Yin Yoga

You can find a variety of yoga disciples on the retreat calendar but the main yoga practice is Ashtanga Yoga & Yin Yoga with wonderful meditation practices which really do bring you into the moment in a very rooted bodily way. When Peter talks you through his method of meditation he helps you land from being lost in your head to a complete body experience were you are able to observe thought. After the meditation practice we got down, to do some posture work and WOW you can really hear and feel the years of experience he has as he gently assists you to move in and out of postures using the breath.

The evening Yin Yoga Classes are just what I needed to let go of so much tension and with the lovely and incredibly knowledgeable Sue sharing her wisdom during the whole class. Sue, like Peter is completely grounded in yoga, Chinese medicine, homeopathy, in fact she is just like a Guru.

The Accommodation

The guest rooms at the retreat centre are all well thought out and decorated to the highest standard with a blend of modern and antique furniture with really comfortable beds. You can choose from double, twin, single or even stay in an eco caravan for the ultimate retreat experience.

When you need a drink you can visit the dedicated guest kitchen for teas and coffee which is situated inside a spacious Moroccan style lounge with a library full of wonderful things to read about.

Nutritious Vegetarian Food

Fill yourself with some of the best food that you could possibly find on retreat. With a resident chef that also gives nutritional therapy you will be guaranteed food that your body has been craving. All of the meals are plentiful and colourful, leaving you feeling vibrantly full of vitality and zest for life.

The Place

It is amazing to see just how much care been given to the land and forest. It’s not hard to get lost along the miles of forest tracks with the birds all singing. You can find hammocks hanging from trees and pergolas well situated for the best panoramic view.

Natural Sea Salt Swimming Pool

On really hot days everybody tends to drift towards the swimming pool to take a dip before melting into the sun lounger. Around the pool you can rest under a massive pergola for shade.

“A wonderful inspiring holidays with the most amazing people”

If you are looking to get away from it all then why not Travel to a retreat in Europe for your next yoga destination where you can experience expert teaching in an environment has been specifically designed for your relaxation.

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