Textiles, agriculture, pharma, IT: Moldova beckons India

"We are thinking of vacation packages that will include consulting doctors in India and then going on vacation to places like Goa," Ullanovschi said. Source link Read more »

Independence Day sale: Vistara, Air India, Air Asia are offering cheap flight tickets

A host of airlines are now offering discounted flight tickets on the even of Independence Day. This include Air Asia, Air India as well as Vistara. Source link Read more »

Jagat Nanjappa & co-driver Chetan Changappa from Coorg win ISUZU RFC India 2018

The total benefits they have received amount to USD 10,000, including the entry fee, airfares as well as support towards car rental in Malaysia. Source link Read more »

5 routes in India where air travel is cheaper than travelling on trains

… traveling by air is the cheaper option in several routes. And while in some routes the airfares remained higher, the difference was only up to ₹600. Source link Read more »

Airfares in India to rise 7.3%; Wanderlust to cost you dear

Driven by strong global economy and rising oil prices, airfares are expected to rise 2.6% globally and hotel rates 3.7%, although there are downside … Source link Read more »