Technology in Government – Cyber threats today and tomorrow

Shavit told the packed room that no filter can deal with the threat of phishing as 15 million new phishing sites are created each month. Calling it the … Source link Read more »

Immigrant families were told they must to pay for DNA tests the US government is demanding they …

It also follows news that the government requires parents and other family members to pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars for airfares to … Source link Read more »

Government aims at reviving domestic air travel – Aviation Minister

Parliamentary approval for removing the 17.5% VAT on domestic airfares was granted in April 2017. Following the abolishment, the ministry engaged … Source link Read more »

Government gives impact of removal of 17.5% VAT on domestic airline tickets

… Cecilia Abena Dapaah, has disclosed the removal of the 17.5% VAT on domestic airline tickets has led to a significant reduction in domestic airfares … Source link Read more »

WA's Gascoyne airfare prices to drop in new State Government deal

Flights to WA's Gascoyne region are set to become cheaper, with the State Government securing discounted airfares on trips to Carnarvon and … Source link Read more »