Airlines may hike fares if govt calls for full refund of cancelled tickets

If the provision is retained in the final version that is expected to be implemented in a couple of months, airfare will have to be adjusted to recover the … Source link Read more »

Get outside! Expedia Canada calls the shots on summer's hot spots

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Federal ethics office condemns Pruitt, calls for EPA investigation

The federal government's ethics watchdog says that “extremely concerning reports” about Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt's living accommodations, travel habits and handling of subordinates who disagree with him warrant a full... Read more »

QBiz: Congress Calls Out BJP Economic Policy; Airfares Remain High

“There was a huge surge (in airfares) during one or two days (13-14 March) as there were huge amounts of (flight) cancellations. Very few seats were available for customers to rebook since... Read more »

Katherine Heigl vacations in Mexico with family, calls it heaven, says she may never leave

Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur — Hollywood's famous Katherine Heigl along with her family recently vacationed in Mexico calling it “heaven” and saying she “may never leave”. The ex-Greys Anatomy actress... Read more »