Wakanow partners with IATA, airlines to reduce airfares

One of the reasons the numbers are that low in Africa is the high cost of airfares in the continent, exacerbated by a foreign exchange crisis in countries like Nigeria. So, we... Read more »

US airlines expected to carry record 151 million passengers during spring break travel season

The group attributed the increase to a strong economy, low airfares and a surge in household wealth. … Airfares have also remained low in the last two years, thanks to relatively cheap... Read more »

Can Airlines Use the Internet to Offer Discriminatory Pricing?

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer has asked the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to investigate whether the airline industry is data mining consumer personal information in order to charge them airfares based on... Read more »

Airlines unlikely to cut fares

Airlines are offering Rs2,500 airfare under one-hour air travel. Under UDAN-1, the government targeted adding 1.3 million seats per year. Half of this will be under air fare of Rs2,500 bracket. Under... Read more »

Companies to airlines: We don't want your cheapest fares

Companies often go to great lengths to keep a lid on costs, but here's one place where many won't skimp: airfares. Corporate travel providers tell CNBC that many of their clients are... Read more »