Need more time to travel? Make an online business work for you!

Day Job = Less Travel!

Need Extra Time?

I have a lot of friends that enjoy traveling and their biggest problem or ‘excuse’ for why they can’t go on the next awesome trip is: “I already used all of my vacation days this year!” or “I can’t cram that trip into a 2 or 3 day weekend.”

I feel for everyone with this dilemma.  We have all been there (Or at least most of us).  If you are too busy to travel, the best solution to that problem is to free up some time.  If you are comfortable with your situation and you enjoy your day job I still encourage you to keep reading.  I say this because even if you feel like you have enough time to travel, you might still want some extra money to take a vacation.  I had an online income for quite a while just to supplement my day job.

Research and Brainstorming!

With the overwhelming flood of information online about how to make money, getting started can be a little daunting at first.  You find yourself asking questions like: “Is it a scam?” “Is this site legit?” “How much will this cost me?” “etc………”.  The truth of the matter is that there is a lot that is fake out there but there is a lot that is real too.  I noticed in my quest for an online income that the best thing I could do is find a few articles from people like me who have done this before and see their perspective.  If your dream is to quit your day job, it might be a long way off, but it is possible.  You just need to make the commitment and get out and start working on it.  Brainstorming about what you would like to do is key.  Here are some good questions to ask.

  1. Do you have a product in mind that you want to sell? (ebooks, exercise program, cookbook, weight loss program, etc…)  A lot of these that I mentioned are more virtual products.  This is the case because you don’t have to worry about inventory.  If you have space for inventory though and you want to sell or develop a product, more power to you!
  2. Do you want to blog and sell other people’s products.  (This is called Affiliate Marketing and is great for a more passive income.)
  3. Would you like to make videos? (Vlogging, Skill Coaching, Online Classes, etc…)

This is a very small list with a little bit of brainstorming.  Spend some time and keep going with it!  Decide what interests you and there is almost always a way to turn it into a website or an online business that can generate some income for you.

Where can I find More Info to help me get started???

As I said above, there are a lot of sources of info out there for making money online.  A lot of them are great, I have been to MANY of them myself.  I think it is beneficial to see what is out there. It is great to check as many of the sources online as possible, but the one place I would recommend going to get started is called Wealthy Affiliate. Check it out here.

Wealthy Affiliate is basically a social platform for all people who make money online.  It has an amazing amount of people who are willing to help you get started.  It is even good to go to even if you already have an online business.  Besides being an awesome social network of great people who work from their laptop daily, it also has an online education portal to help you design your first websites and get traffic rolling to them (or adding to it if you already have a business on line).  On top of that, YOU CAN HOST YOUR WEBSITES THERE!  It is awesome.  It is the ultimate place to get started.  Using this as a source, you will be working from your laptop and traveling more in no time!

Work Hard so you can Play Harder!

Traveling is really the best.  The world is an amazing place, so why limit yourself from seeing it?  A day job cuts out a lot of extra time that could be spent traveling and seeing new things.  Working from a laptop is a great way to conquer this because you’re not strained with limited vacation time and you can always take your laptop with you.  Of course if you have no interest in quitting your day job there is ALWAYS room for extra income online to help pay for some of your travel.

The internet opens a whole world of possibilities for making money, but also reaching others in so many amazing ways. Any time is a good time to start using it!

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