How people around the world are earning extra money by sharing

T360-airbnb-pricesA new type of travel is sweeping the travel industry and it’s called “experiencing a place like you live there”   It’s a new concept with over 50 million users in 190 plus countries around the world.  The concept isn’t total new, but it’s being redefined along with policies, rules, and regulations to keep everyone safe.  It looks like this type of travel is more than just a fade.  It looks like it’s here to stay and with good reason.

More people are benefiting from this new type of travel than any other segment of travel.  Students who want to travel the world, yet have a limited travel budget,  Seniors who have the same goals and the same financial situation, limited monthly retirement income, but plenty of time to travel.  Families who are on a serious vacation budget, yet want to a memorable family vacation.  Brides who want  small offshore-wedding in a romantic villa.  Families who want a family reunion in exotic destinations.

Businesses who want particular groups of employees to bond on a more personal level are renting six and seven bedroom villas for 3-day bonding experiences.  Friends and friends of friends are sharing the cost of super size vacation homes to lower the cost of vacations in popular destinations, like Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

The platform I speak of is Airbnb, a relatively new social media site with 50 member registered users.  You can rent accommodations as an entire home, private room or shared room.  Each user has the ability to review past reviews, conduct, and responses from previous visits and host.  With any online feedback system, there are exaggerations and misrepresentations, however, you can usually discern the truth by reading other reviews and responses.


how people around world earning extra money


While many people have an issue with opening their home up to strangers, there are ways to protect yourself and your property and still earn the additional income from renting out a private room in your home.  Host all over the world have gone out of their way to build separate entrances for guest This proves to be profitable, especially when your private room is booked into the next year.   This often happens in popular destinations.where the rental property is near public transportation and famous landmarks.

Host can do a number of things to protect themselves when hosting people from around the world.  The Host Protection Insurance program provides primary liability coverage for up to $1,000,000 per occurrence.  However, the one factor that enables you to feel safe is the guest and the host can ensure the legitimacy of the other party because credit card information for both parties must be authorized and verified by Airbnb.  Plus the feedback systems helps you to know a little more about your guest and host.  Once the accommodations are booked the guest and the host receives personal information about the other.  At this point, you can use the Internet to do a background check if you have questions.  (Facebook will tell you a lot about a person)  If the host or guest won’t friend you,  that could be a warning sign, or not.

rent a spare bedroom or the entire house
Rent a spare bedroom or the entire house

The reason Airbnb is so popular is because it doesn’t cost anything to post your rental property.  Airbnb takes a small fee whenever your property is booked, but not until after the guest arrives and is satisfied with the rental.  With over 50 million registered users, Airbnb three creators are the newest kids on the high-tech billionaire’s list.  In fact, it’s one of the top upcoming investment tips for when the company goes public. . .

Renting out a spare bedroom is like any other business venture.  There is a small amount of risk involved, yet it has proven as a great opportunity for hundreds of thousands of people around the world to make money month after month.  There is no reason you can’t be a part of this new segment of travel.  Click here and join for free.  You’ll receive a $20 plus travel credit just for joining.  Takes 60 seconds to join.  Travel often, travel well.
Tip to Get More Rentals:  At first price your house or extra room low, or at least lower than most others in your area.  Provide enough images so travelers know your place is a great value for the price.  Once you gert five or more good reviews you can think about going up on the price.  Just know that the competition will be higher and the number of bookings may be lower.
If you’re open to a long term rental, be sure to offer 20% to 50% off of the monthly rate.  Be sure to also include there will be an extra cost for utilities for long-term renters.

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