Five Tips for Saving Money When Booking Last Minute Travel, by Forbes

save money last minute travel

5 Tips for Booking Last Minute Travel

In other words, you might be better off paying cash and saving your points for later if the ticket is relatively cheap. What’s cool is you can avoid the American Airlines close-in booking fee by using British Airways Avios. American Airlines is a partner of British Airways so you book flights on them with Avios .

Our Tips on  How to Save on Travel

  • Acquire a taste for low-season travel, it’s cheaper and your buck goes a lot further.  For example, here in Puerto Vallarta, June, July and August airfares from the United States and Canada are dirt cheap.  Why?  Few people want to experience the heat.  They forget Mexico has air-conditioning and sunset cocktails at the beach is a life-long memory.  Evening requires a light wrap  


  •  Tune into and get on a mailing list for airfare deals for selected destinations.  Be prepared to travel when the airfare is cheapest. 


  •  Use sites like  (Click here for Free Travel Credit) to book entire home, villas or condos for your privacy.  You’d be surprised how much money you’ll save by preparing your own breakfast or lunch.  Leave dinner for the best restaurants in town.   


  •  Fix your credit if it’s broken, if not, get an Airline miles card.  Pay EVERYTHING each month with the card.  Pay the balance at the end of the month and repeat.  Build up miles until they send you a letter saying “no more.” 


  •  If you’re a travel junkie set up an investment account which will fund your world travels.  Another way to generate money for travel is to learn how to earn online.  It’s not a big deal, you’ve just got to make the commitment and do it.  Once you set up your mobile business, you can begin to travel knowing your business goes with you.  For more insider information on how to earn a living while traveling the world, pick up Sandy Ingram’s book in the Kindle store on Amazon.  You can read on any mobile device, laptop or PC. 


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