Five Tips for Family Vacations Under $1000

plan a cheap family vacation

To truly make this a vacation for under $1000 you may need to do two things:

family vacatin ideas
Glamping is camping in luxury, but not too much luxury. Affordable and luxury camping destinations.

1.  Travel to your destination via a road trip or by bus

2.  Rent a vacation home to lower the cost of accommodations and meals.

Want a $20 plus dollars travel coupon for vacation rentals. Go here our sister site has the Travel Credit from for off-season vacation rentals.  Interesting in the HomeExchange program?   Check out the cruise consolidator to find the cheapest cruises for families on the Internet.

The home exchange idea may not be your cup of tea, this is understandable.  Yet once you wrap your head around locking certain rooms in your home and placing certain personal items in a locked storage area, it’s easier than you may think.  After all, you will be in their home and “they” will be staying in “your” home.  Mutual respect is all that is needed.



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