Family Vacation Idea, The Joy of Water Sports

water sports vacation idea

water sports vacation idea

Showing your child how to respect and enjoy water sports around the world is a great family vacation idea. Not always the cheapest vacation idea, the cost can be lowered greatly by employing a group tour company and  vacation rental companies like Airbnb and HomeAway

Of course, every time a mom hears the words Airbnb and Home Away from Home, they realize two things. One, either of these options will save their family a bundle of money on the total cost of the vacation and two, they will be in the kitchen during vacation. More on this subject a little later. There are affordable ways to exit the kitchen and still lower the cost of meals during a family vacation.

You can find a variety of water sports vacations on  Tours4fun for this particular vacation idea because of the variety of vacation destinations, including the United States, Mexico, Europe, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South America.  Each destination provides day trips to overnight tours or complete water sports vacations for individuals and families.

We realize you already understand it’s important when traveling with your family to use a reputable well-known tour company.

If you live in the United States, family summer vacations in Mexico are not only less expensive, due to it being low season, but the water activity options are top of the line.   And  . . . . . . 

Remember when I said we’d talk about getting out of the kitchen but still keeping the cost of meals under control?

When traveling to Mexico, look for vacation homes on Airbnb that offer a full staff or use Google to search for “personal chief” to take care of preparing your meals. The cost to hire a chef is extremely reasonable in Mexico.  Most chefs will shop for the food and prepare the food.

Keep it real, keep it light. you can handle this regardless if it’s a water sports family vacation or a ski vacation in the Swiss Alps.  You lower the cost of family vacations by using affordable vacation rentals.


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