Family Vacation Idea Surf Camps in Sayulita, Mexico, Vacation With an Agenda

family vacatin idea surfing sayuliat mexico


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You may not be interested in learning how to surf, but your child or children may have a serious desire.  As parents, we automatically get concerned with extreme sports such as surfing, when it comes to our children.

If you watched the above video, you saw that kids get it.  They begin to surf during the first day of lessons.  You can go here to find water sport day trips to Sayulita, Mexico.  Pricing is extremely affordable and the kids will love it.

To find affordable family vacation rentals to help lower the cost of your vacation, go here for

  • Puerto Vallarta, ocean front properties between $83 and $2217 a night.

  • Punta Mita ocean views starting at $156 per night or

  • Sayulita, Mexico starting at $267 to $600 range per night.

With facilities both in Sayulita and Punta de Mita, WildMEX is the only ISA Certified School in Mexico in January of 2016.  It’s also one of the best places in the world for both beginner and intermediate surfers who are looking for a stress-free surf holiday.

English and Spanish speaking staff will help with your equipment selections, the surf camps, training, where to eat and things to do.  Quality equipment is available for purchase or rental. You can opt for a surf package with, or without accommodations.

family vacatin idea surfing sayuliat mexicoWilmex is located in on the Riviera Nayarit coastline about 55 minutes, by bus, north of Puerto Vallarta.  It’s an easy drive if your driving and the roads and area are safe.

Visitors who want to save money can take public transportation which is around 35 pesos per person with departures directly across the street from the Puerto Vallarta International Airport on the main highway.  Visitors can reach the bus stop by using the highway walkway, which will position you directly at the Sayulita bus-stop. The ride is a little bumpy on the older, but reliable Mercedes-Benz buses.  Just be sure the bus you get on is going directly to Sayulita, there will be quick stops along the way for people getting on and off.

You’ll  get to the cozy town of Sayulita, with warm water, beautiful scenery and a village-like charm with lots of water sports, and things to do when out of the water.  Great restaurants, beach-front bars, some with wide screen T.V. so you won’t miss your favorite professional sports event

Located in Mexico’s up-and-coming Riviera Nayarit Coastline, Wildmex is only 45 minutes North of the Puerto Vallarta International Airport, which hosts international flights from most major U.S. and Canadian cities.

Sayulita and Punta Mita’s consistent waves, warm water, beautiful scenery and village charm make the ideal backdrop for the ultimate surf experience in Mexico.

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