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Disney Cruise Line
  Parents who have discovered family cruises have also discovered more destinations for less money.  Cruise Lines, especially the Disney Cruise Company has set the standards high for family cruises.   Cruises are no longer just for mature couples with fat bank accounts.

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Each cruise line has its own activity list for kids. The fun activities would generally include video arcades, pizza parties, miniature golf, plenty of games, sports, magic shows, art classes, science projects and more.  Continue below,  Before booking your next cruise,  consider a cruise consolidator such as Cruise Direct.  Cruise consolidators provide the best prices online.


Then there are the water sports aboard ship.   Jacuzzis and swimming pools and water slides are all a part of the water sports aboard ship.

Shore excursions are usually left up to parents, however, a couple of the cruise companies have excursions just for kids.   Smart cruise companies understand that parents will cruise often if they can keep the kids entertained and their romance attended too all on the same trip.

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Babysitting facilities are also offered by many cruise lines. Kids are grouped together by age and the “so-called-babysitters” are trained professionals.


Preparing for Your Cruise

If you’re a parent you know lots of different things can happen when preparing and taking a cruise.  The kids can get sick, or worst get board if not allowed to take full advantage of the cruise ships amenities for children. Pack medication for children like aspirin, eardrops and cough syrups.  These items may or may not be available aboard ship.

You’ll need a mix and match outfits for the kids.  There are laundry services aboard ship in case the kids run out of clean clothes.  You will also want to pack rubber sole shoes for the kids and yourself.

Be sure to include hats and sun-block for the kids and yourself.  The kids will need one or two dressy outfits for dinner.  No need to go overboard, just something simple. Depending on your cruise destinations you may need to include sweaters or even a jacket.  Better safe than sorry, you don’t want the child to end up with a cold during the vacation.

Don’t forget prescribed medication.  Be sure to leave in the original bottle in case you are asked about the content.  Usually, this is NOT a problem when cruising, but you never know.

Be sure to research what type of childcare services they have aboard ship. It’s always a good idea to pack games, and favorite toys and electronic books.  If the child has his or her own e-Tablet you can load a month’s worth of games, books, and activities to keep a child busy for hours.

Don’t forget to pack that special blanket or teddy bear.  If your child is old enough have them pull their own child’s suitcase or backpack.  Making a child responsible for their lite weight luggage is a good thing.  It teaches responsibility.


We here at  we highly recommend family cruises.

  1.  Meals included – This automatically lowers the cost of meals

  2. It’s like an all-inclusive resort, but the ship takes you to more than one destination

  3. It helps to bring a family closer together regardless of the age of the children

  4. Parents can usually get a discount when three or four family members are cruising.

  5. A family that vacations together, stays together.

Disney Cruise Line

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