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Top Airfare Comparison Sites and Major Travel Sites

Major travel sites such as Orbitz, which runs on ITA Software,  Hotwire, Travelocity, Expedia,  and Vayama for International travel, are doing great, as usual, however, things are a little different online these days.  More and more travelers are arriving at the major travel sites via an Airfare Comparison Site.

Airfare Comparison Sites

Airfare comparison sites are becoming more popular for travelers who consistently shop for cheaper airfares.  And this s is one of the reasons why travel sites are creating rewards and loyalty programs, to keep travelers loyal to their brand. 

There will always be those who feel better knowing that they have, at least attempted to find the cheapest airfare, and the Airfare Comparison Sites, usually will satisfy a travelers need to search for the cheapest, airfare.

Some of the more popular Airfare Comparison sites are,  www.Bookingbuddy,,, and , and of course the one who doesn’t sell travel, just provides un-bias travel information, Travelgrove dot com.  This a new search technology within itself, because the sites uses the word “scour” the web for airfare and travel deals.      

Oh what a difference a day can make when pricing airfares.  And with this knowledge in mind, Bestfares dot com provides comparison shopping for airfares within a one to 3 day period.  This is a certainly a key benefit when searching for airfares and your departure and, or return dates are flexible.

Another comparison site we liked was which returns a good number of results when searching for flights.  www.Smartertravel is another popular comparison site.

A more recent airfare site which provides a unique benefit is  This site allows you to track flight prices before you buy.  The kicker is, Yapta dot com helps you to get an Airline refund after you buy if the price of your flight drops!  This benefit more than any other of the comparison sites provides who absolutely must make every effect to get the cheapest airfare.

Several of the airlines have bought into this benefit and will refund up to a certain amount if the cheaper airfare is $75, $100 or $150 or more, for United, US Airways, Delta and American Airlines.  Airlines which give a refund, regardless of what the price drop are, JetBlue, AirTran and Alaska Airlines.  Of course there are policies and procedures involved.

Business Travel

Often times the self-employed business traveler has a different agenda than the corporate business traveler.  The self-employed are usually more concern with cost than the corporate traveler who may not even book his own travel.

For both travelers, time is crucial when booking at the last minute.  Business travelers understand that they will have to pay higher prices when booking at the last minute (1-2 weeks) but how much more the big question.

When a business traveler uses an Airfare Comparison Site rather than his or her favorite travel site, they are exposed to airfares all over the web.  How many different airfares depends on the booking engine of the Comparison Web Site you select.

However, one thing is for sure, Airfare Comparison Sites can save travelers, time and money.


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