A New Type of Travel Lowers Your Vacation Cost Up to 40 Percent

how to save money family vacation

The above villa rents for a lot less than a comparable hotel suite.  This is the ultimate way to reduce the cost of your family vacation.  Keep reading for lower cost options.

How to Decrease the Cost of Your Family Vacation by Up to 50%

When traveling with a family. the best and cheapest way to reduce the cost of your vacation is to use a vacation rental options.  Any time you reduce the cost of your meals and your accommodations you have the ability to reduce your overall cost by up to 50%

Airbnb – PV seaside condo – Average nightly rental rate $80 a night

There are a great number of excellent vacation rentals on Airbnb.  The good rentals go fast and are often booked a year in advance.

Controlling the cost of your meals is a major part of controlling the cost of your vacation.  This is one of the reasons family cruise vacations are so popular.

It’s a proven fact, children who travel do better in school, and why shouldn’t they?  Travel expands the mind, increases awareness, lowers your inhibitions and increases your ability to adapt.

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