Security for EPA chief Pruitt cost taxpayers millions

The EPA official knowledgeable about Pruitt's security spending says Perrotta oversaw a rapid expansion of the EPA chief's security detail to accommodate guarding him day and night, even on family vacations and... Read more »

Don't Quote Me: Flowers everywhere

I also remember that stopping at McDonald's happened only once a year (my dad loved their milkshakes), but that also made it a very special treat. Other than trips to visit relatives,... Read more »

Scott Pruitt Flies First Class When You Pay; Coach When He Pays

According to an EPA official, Pruitt's staff began guarding him night and day, on family vacations to California and when Pruitt went back to Oklahoma. But Perrotta wasn't just there to fluff... Read more »

'We wanted to go first.' It's been a decade since Delta's merger with Northwest upended the industry

On average, U.S. consumers have seen lower airfares and more service, which airlines had cut back significantly in the wake of their mergers and the last recession. Commercial airlines operated 3,235 domestic... Read more »

Holland: Old vacation spots are new again when you're the parent

She won't remember this trip, but in time she'll have a cache of family vacations and more. She might build her own little living room in her mind where she can sit... Read more »