Hey, Chuck, What the Hell Does McDonald's Put in Its Cheeseburgers?

because we honor those who acknowledge The Creator, and we take our winter family vacations in the third week of January. By then, the malls are back to usual, and the lines... Read more »

Married more than 40 years, she calls him her 'most wonderful husband.' This is what love looks …

Edith Ahrendt points out family photos Tuesday on the wall of her bedroom in The Villas of Holly Brook in Herrin. Ahrendt, 87, lives there with her 90-year-old husband, Donald, who five... Read more »

Family mealtime: a tasty base for healthy youth development

The goal is to have undivided attention between family members, and with distractions from technology ever-present, this can be hard to accomplish. By making mealtimes tech-free, you will have more time for... Read more »

Let the games begin!

My parents were among the thousands who traveled to the region during the '50s and '60s with their kids in tow, to bask in the fresh air of the mountains and frolic... Read more »

Love of Flying: AirVenture

Two of our family vacations combined a trip to Oshkosh with the Boundary Waters in northern Minnesota. Our 1992 trip went to Oshkosh for 2 days, followed by 3 days of wilderness... Read more »