Tour firms set for profitable Tet holiday

The cost of these tours has also gone up by 20 percent due to higher air fares, Vinh told the Thoi bao Kinh te Saigon (Sài Gòn Economics Times) newspaper. “With sufficient... Read more »

Disneyland raises prices on most tickets and all annual passes

Broughten hadn't counted on the prices of the four passes going up a total $600 for their family. She earns the money for family vacations by selling baked goods such as cupcakes... Read more »

Modest gains for student attendance in Portage elementary schools

“At certain points of the year, we see spikes for different reasons,” reasons that include illnesses and family vacations, Meyer added. Endeavor/Woodridge Principal Salina Thistle told the board schools had similar improvement... Read more »

Holland family cherishes Valentine's cards from "heaven"

When Amy read those words, tears flowed as she thought of memories like spending family beach vacations at Ocean Isle, and her mother being known for her chocolate pound cake. “Mom always... Read more »

Don't Blame Spirit Airlines for Low Airfares

Oil prices have increased significantly from their lows of early 2016. Nevertheless, air travelers in the U.S. are still benefiting from surprisingly low ticket prices. In the third quarter of 2017 —... Read more »